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For the first time, my kids were still awake on Christmas eve. My hubby told them what Christmas really means and why we celebrate it and afterwards, we prayed together and we opened the gifts together. Here are some of the gifts they got!

Share with us what your kids got for Christmas! Join us at Mommy Moments!


  1. Those are nice gifts. I like Mr.Potato! Happy weekend

  2. Hi, Chris! I didn't know that the theme for today is about the gifts that our kids received. I just wrote my article and have photos of new things that we have. Will that be okay? I haven't uploaded my entry yet.

  3. Those are nice stuff. My kids woke us up at 6am on Christmas, that's when we opened presents. Tuwa siguro mga kiddos mo..

  4. Fixed my post, uploaded it, too! I guess what made our kids really happy this Christmas are the gifts (toys, usually) that they received from family and friends.

  5. carinamodella says

    This is my first mommy moments for 2011. Enjoy reading!

  6. excited makatanggap ng pressies ang mga kids–sparkling ang mga eyes nila!my first Mommy Moments din for 2011^_^

  7. Mr. Potato looks like fun to play with 😀

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  8. Yeah I so like the Mr. Potato I wonder where's the wife? Ill be right back to comment some of the members.

  9. nice gifts^^ first i didnt read the instruction so i deleted my first posted and change into new one grrrr…

  10. did the kids choose the gifts or these are given with surprise? 🙂

    happy friday!

  11. Hi Chris! Surprise!!! I'm happy I was able to join MM. By the way, I like to try those Blendy Pens of your daughter, anything artsy, my son will have fun.

  12. cenxa na chris late ang entry ko, nagluko ang smartbro right after i posted for food trip friday. will be back to visit other entries, maybe tomorrow:)

  13. I like the mr.potato toy! ;))

    nice gifts..

    Happy MM!

  14. Mom-Friday says

    Nice toys! Kids really are the ones who enjoy the holidays with all the gifts 🙂
    Was not able to take pics of their gifts but this was mine :)))

  15. ay ang daming gifts….:) I like potato heads…my daughter has one….:)

  16. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says

    Pareho ng mga toys toby mo sa jake ko Chris. pero young Mr. Potato nya hindi ko pinalalaro kasi na missing in action na ang isang tenga. Pwedi na yan i partner si ken sa barbie ni justine hehehe

  17. Nice toys. I bet they love it!

    Visiting you back here from TBE.

  18. wow! gusto din namin ng Mr. Potato Head!

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