Postcard Exchange Project 2011

After reading the blog of The Learning Center last week, I was excited to start a postcard exchange project for my daughter Kyla too! Since we are learning about different cultures, people and places and it is a fun way of meeting new friends too… we are embarking this new project for 2011 too! It would be so much fun for the little girl to receive letters and postcards – at the same time, quite educational too!
If you want to send us a postcard, do send us one that you find that has the most significant meaning and relevance to your country. It would be a great help to my homeschooling daughter. Should you wish to receive a post card from us, we would love to send you a postcard too. Just leave me a comment with your email address so we can get in touch with you.
Aside from that, hopefully I will be able to join in the postcard exchange meme hosted by The Learning Center which will happen on Tuesdays. I have a ton of postcard collections here! 😀


  1. Mrs. M @ TLC says

    Thank you, Chris, for joining us in this project. I'm excited to see our our children enjoy this and at the same time learn many things in the process.

    See you tomorrow for the meme.

  2. Mommy Willa, I'd love to send a postcard for Kayla =)

    Hope you can send your mailing address to me at


  3. This is a good project for Kyla. Good luck on this endeavor!

  4. We would love to exchange postcards with you. Just send me your address through email and I will send you a postcard with our address on it so you can send us one back!

  5. Sige join ako mommy Chris.. dati pa rin ba ang maiing add nyo?

  6. Rentals Cannes says

    We'd appreciate to exchange postcards with you. Just deliver me your tackle by means of electronic mail and I will deliver you a postcard with our handle on it which means you can deliver us 1 back!

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