Usual Sites I Visit

What are some sites that you frequently visit? Aside from Facebook, Twitter and your own blogsites, what are your recommended sites to visit? Does your list include health related sites like Or pinoy showbiz related sites like ?

I usually visit homeschooling mom sites. They eat up most of my online time because I am always looking for possible activities that I can do with my kids, especially my son. I want him to be interested to learn so I try to look for creative ideas that would spark his interest.
I also visit other pinoy mommy bloggers site. I learn from other mommies and would like to share my inputs on some of their questions too.
How about you? I would love to hear about the sites you usually go to!


  1. i usually visit this blog and
    this blog,to check if everything is working fine 🙂

    i visit my citiseconline to check how my investments are doing, FB once a day and sometimes female network.

  2. my fb window is always open, i visit sites about toddlers coz i am always in search of activities for them, and advice also on how to rear them. and now, i'll be visiting this site also! thanks for the wonderful posts and for the homeschooling links!

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