Kyla’s 7th Birthday

My little girl celebrated her 7th birthday last week. On the actual day itself, she just spent it at home and played with her brother. By the end of the day, I asked her, are you happy? She said “yes, I am very happy because I am with God and with my family. And I was able to play with my toys.”

On the weekend, we had our monthly homeschooler’s meeting and we celebrated her birthday there.


  1. Belated happy birthday to Kyla. Ang bilis ng panahon, grabe 7 na siya.

  2. oh, hello! belated Happy Birthday, Kyla!

  3. happy (belated) birthday to Kyla!

  4. happy birthday to you kyla! praying that you'll grow up to be a smart and good girl 🙂

  5. Belated happy birthday to Kyla. Ang laki na niya mare parang kailan lang.

  6. Belated happy birthday to your daughter and Happy Valentine to your whole family sis! 🙂

  7. Her cake is beautiful! You are blessed to have a thankful child.

  8. w0rkingAth0mE says

    i love her cake so cute ,.. belated happy birthday to your daughter 🙂

  9. Belated Happy Birthday to Kyla!!! I love the cake and how she celebrated her birthday, simple but very meaningful.

  10. Belated happy birthday, Kyla! Congrats, Mommy Chris, for raising a fine young lady here.

  11. Charlotte's Mom says

    Belated Happy Birthday to you Princess Kyla:-) and Happy Valentines day sa inyong lahat:-)

  12. Hi tin,
    Ang laki na ni Kyla.. So pretty.. Belated HAppy birthday Kyla..


  13. Beautiful birthday celebrant!

    Happy birthday! The cake is so cute likewise the birthday celebrant.

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