Mommy Moments – Valentine’s Day 2011

mommy moments

Hello everyone! I was teary-eyed after I read every one’s letters last week. Thanks for sharing those personal thoughts with us mommies! This week, we are going to share what happened on our Valentine’s Day for 2011! Well for us, we just stayed at home since we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple. My kids made cards for me though 🙂

This is Toby’s card for me…

And these are Kyla’s cards.

Valentine’s day is being with loved ones. No matter where or how you celebrated it, as long as you are with loved ones, it is enough!
Happy mommy moments!


  1. Love the cards!!! Even without the captions, you'd know who made each card. Kyla's card definitely has the feminine touch.

  2. such sweet kids:)..can't wait for my lil boy to hand me a love note next time:)

  3. carinamodella says

    This is sooo sweet. Kaka-touch talga pag nakakareceive ng cards from our kids.

  4. How sweet of your kids!Melts my heart!^_^

  5. Soo sweet! I can't wait for my Johan to grow up and give me cards such as those. Happy Valentine's, Mommy Chris!

  6. Us too Mommy Chris, we just celebrated our Valentines at home. Ang ganda nang mga cards mo at heartfelt made by your kids. Hope George can make cards one day too. 🙂

  7. Your kids are so sweet.
    Lucky You dear!

  8. You have sweet kiddos Mommy Chris..

  9. supermommyjem says

    the cards are so sweet and your kids are really doing great things that makes mommy really happy.

  10. your kids are very sweet and artistic, mommy Chris. God bless you all!

  11. It is really awarding every time our kiddos gave us gifts specially made by them.It's priceless!

    Happy Mommy Moments!

  12. wow! napaka artistic ng mga kids mo! So sweet of them. Happy MM!

  13. Every day is Valentine's Day when you spend it with the ones you love! Those are cute Valentine's Day cards from your kids!

  14. The nicest gifts are always from our loved ones, especially our kids…Happy Mommy Moments 🙂

  15. ang sweet ng kiddos mo Mommy. Visiting here through Mommy Moments!

  16. MaiThreeBoyz says

    So sweet! It is really touching when kids remember and takes the time and exert effort to do something for us, moms!

  17. that was so sweet…

  18. In God's love, my entry is in now chris! godbless!

  19. awwwww…your kids are so sweet mamiChris…:)

  20. theyre so sweet!

  21. DadEngrMommmyLES says

    i think you have very sweet kids. i salute you for raising them well. happy mommy moments

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