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Summer season has begun here in the Philippines. What are your kids doing this summer season? Care to share your summer plans? Join us this week at Mommy Moments!

This is what my daughter drew when we started our summer break.
She said she wants to:
  1. play with Toby
  2. go swimming
  3. go to the museum
  4. go to the beach to find corals
  5. paint my room pink and blue
  6. arts and learn painting
  7. help mommy
  8. watch new movies
As for my son, this is what he drew:

1. clean house
2. swimming
3. dragon dance
4. paint
5. ride a rocket ship
6. ride on an airplane
7. design room
8. beach

Well, we have been doing arts and crafts for the past weeks. They also have been swimming. We started our piano lessons via you tube videos. And hopefully, we will be able to go to the beach soon!

I really hope that we will have a fun-filled and productive summer!


  1. Ang sipag naman ni bunso…wants to clean the house…Wala pa talaga kaming plans for summer pero with this theme naisip ko na dpat pla may plans din para mas ma enjoy ng maigi ang summer 🙂

  2. wow, daming activities, mommy!
    enjoy your summer!

  3. ang galing naman….very artistic tong mga anak mo mamiChris!

  4. I like Toby's list of summer plans, Reminds me of Phineas and Ferb 🙂 You will surely have a fantastic summer.

  5. mine is up Chris! happy MM!!!

  6. it's nice to read "Cleaning the House" as part of the kids summer plan. I wish my kids would put that on their list too. Visiting for MM!

  7. carinamodella says

    ang sipag naman ng mga chikiting…their planning to help mommy in household chores 🙂

  8. "Help Mommy" how sweet! Dragon dance sounds fun and interesting.

  9. Going to the beach is in almost everyone's summer plans. Hope we all achieve our goals this summer.

  10. mommy jes says

    ang galing naman ng kids mo may plans sila 😀

    kame wala pa…cguro mag art lesson kme sa bahay…d p kme maka kilos ng maayus wala p kme gaano art stuff…mga recycled p dn gamit nmin hehehe 😀

  11. Mom Daughter Style says

    I love your post. I just joined. thanks.

  12. galeng naman ni toby cleaning the house 😀 they have nice drawings Chris! hope we can go to the beach too! have a great weekend Chris 😀
    my MM this week

  13. Mommy Trish says

    very nice plans your kids have! you'll surely have a fun and productive summer! enjoy mommy! 🙂

  14. wow, your kids have so many plans this summer. at ang sisipag pa nila ha? 😀
    Happy MM!

  15. Buti pa kayo may art na magagawa kami yata wala wahh

  16. Looking forward to a productive summer too! Have fun!

    Comments to all jpiners will have to follow. Thanks!

  17. jared's mum says

    love the drawings!enjoy all your summer activites + have fun!

  18. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says

    Im playing thif week MM chris. daming plans ng mga chikiting patrol mo

  19. Hi Ate Chris! At last found the chance to join Mommy Moments, and daming gustong gawin ng mga kids. Hope that this summer would be very productive for us.:-)

  20. MaiThreeBoyz says

    Hi Chris! Sorry for the late post… No doubt about it, your kids really would like to make the most out of summer! Very nice drawings!

  21. Cute how they expressed themselves in drawings.

  22. wow, i like their drawings here. very cute! I remember my kids at this age. enjoy your summer!

  23. Mom-Friday says

    Summer is really busy in your household! 🙂
    Aside from my boy's regular Taekwondo class, it's pretty spontaneous on our end, and set playdates, baking/cooking day, arts day. We just came home from a short trip to Subic 🙂

  24. Tintin.Tetay says

    I love, love summer! Specially this year's kasi hindi masyadong mainit! Pang-beach lagi ang feeling.

    Mine's up here.

    Enjoy the summer. Be safe.

  25. daming plans ah! ok yan..

  26. Fantastic plans your kiddies have! enjoy your summer activities 🙂

  27. Mommy Marlyn says

    hope it is not too late for me to join the mommy moments summer plans.. (^^)

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