Putting The Pieces Together

Summer is definitely here! It is so hot during the day time and we can not go outdoors to play even if we want to because of the scorching heat! My kids want to ride their bike and scooter but we can only do that late in the afternoon to avoid sun burn and heat stroke.

So how do I keep them busy at home? Aside from watching videos, I make sure we do some arts and crafts. We also do a lot of reading. We also play games and puzzles. Recently, I noticed that my son loves to put puzzle pieces together so we bought him some new puzzles to play with. I was astonished to see that he can put the pieces together easily and that he was able to actually finish the puzzle. I am a puzzle fanatic myself and I am glad that my son has developed some sort of perseverance on his own – to finish the puzzle.
I believe that putting puzzle pieces together increases one’s determination and focus on doing something. It also helps the hand and eye coordination of a person. Aside from that, it is also a good family bonding activity!


  1. carinamodella says

    nicely done! a great activity this summer, congrats!

  2. so busy kids. loved looking at them doing something than nothing.

  3. Great job!

  4. Good job, Toby! We really have to keep our preschoolers busy with productive and creative things to do because they get bored easily.

  5. Wow! Thanks for the tip! I shall get to the nearest bookstore and toy store so I can buy a puzzle for my Maia. Great idea indeed! 🙂

  6. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    This is a good summer fun activity…maeks the kid more focus and patient too

  7. Help For Families says

    Giving our kids a task to keep them busy can also save our energies too as parents. Buy playing a puzzle or letting them indulge in our home cooking give our child a chance to develop their intellectual capabilities. It will also add to their self-confidence when we let them do whatever they want because that's the time they can gain a sense of independence.

  8. City Breaks says

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