Mommy and Me Monday : Family Time at the Inflatable Pool

Last week, instead of going away for a vacation, we opted to stay home and swim on our inflatable pool! Dad grilled the food, the kids had a blast swimming almost the entire day!

It was very hot so a dip in the pool was great!

A friend and a cousin came over to play with them!

These are great moments that I will forever cherish!


  1. The Pepperrific Life says

    I wish I had an inflatable pool as big as yours 🙂

    the grilled food looks great too.

    here's my entry:

  2. chubskulit says

    So sweet and fun!

    Mommy and Me, at my page, hope you can come and see. Have a great week!

  3. Perfect summer activity! And you don't have to go far away from home…

  4. Gene of Corbitoness says

    Oh how I wish our inflatable pool were as big as yours. Sadly, only my daughter can fit in our pool, hahaha! With matching grilled foods pa, parang outing talaga!

    Join us in our Family Time: Circle Island Resort

  5. mommy jes says

    ang saya naman!!! ehehhehe d n kelangan mag punta sa resort! at ang sipag ni daddy mag ihaw hihih 😀
    Thanks for joinng sis! see you agaun next week!

  6. Mel Cole says

    Looks like a big inflatable pool. Eneveryone has big smiles and had lots of fun. Hope you can visit my Family time page too.

  7. what a cool dip!
    a nice and fun way to spend time with family that is not expensive at the same time.

    btw, sis, you ranked 3rd on my April's Top 10 Commentators, put your link on my sidebar. thanks!

    Bonz World

  8. ang galeng naman ng inflatable nyo Chris. kasya kayong lahat 😀 ok yan coz summer is almost over…my first time to join Family Time 😀

  9. Krystyn says

    The perfect way to spend a warm day…my girls would love that pool!

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