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mommy moments

Friday is here once again and it is time to share your mommy story with us! Today we are sharing about our babies and the first months of being a mom to them…

My eldest was born after 12 hours of labor…

My 2nd was born after 7 hours of labor…
When my eldest was born, we stayed in the hospital for 2 days and went home to stay with my in-laws. My eldest was the first apo and you can imagine the attention she got. I was still adjusting to being a mom and I also had to adjust to staying with my in-laws so it was really tough the first few months. I also wanted to breastfeed my baby, so even if she was already bottle fed, I really persisted until we were successfully breastfeeding exclusively! The first few months are really special… and each moment was something that I didn’t want to forget.

When my 2nd child came, we were already living in our own house. But after 2 days of being home, my son was really yellowish so our pediatrician at that time wanted us to hospitalize him so he can be checked if he had sepsis. Thank God after 5 days of being hospitalized, we were discharged and he was diagnosed as having breastfeeing jaundice. It was a challenge to take care of a baby and a toddler at the same time. The first few months, my daughter who was less than 3 years old had to adjust as well. She was used to being the “star” but now she had to share her mommy with this new baby. It took a month before everything settled down and she loved taking care of her little brother.

Every day is special and I don’t ever want to forget these memories I have of my kids when they were babies… hope you join us today! Happy mommy moments!


  1. These numbers (hours) are literally "labor of love", right? Precious photos!

  2. Sarah A. says

    These are the most precious time of our life as a Mom. Well, everything actually.

    Thanks for Mommy Moments!

    Sarah A.
    Here's mine: Me and my Mommy-ventures : MoMo | Here Comes the Baby!

  3. dick-vince-dorry says

    cutie babies.. mine is already up.. this is my fist post

  4. cristina says

    having a baby is a wonderful experience of being a woman..
    You got a cute little babies, i wish i have a little girl too.

  5. Your daughter is a lovely big sister … I hope my daughter would be ready by the time she has a younger sibling.

  6. My daughte is also the eldest apo, ayun fave 🙂 I feel you, I got two toddlers and a baby but they were helpful somehow…small things like getting diapers or baby bottle ^_^

  7. So nostalgic, I always get teary eyed when I remember them when they were still a baby

  8. now mine is up… having problems with my site lately:) good day!

  9. simply kim says

    oh that was so sweet.. especially the picture with the baby on your chest..

    MINE'S UP!

  10. I love looking at the pictures of Kyla and Toby, so happy together!

  11. time flies, ngayon laki na mga kiddos mo momi chris. Any plans of having baby #3 yet?

    Have a great week fellow awesome mom and hope you have a look at my MM entry as well.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

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