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On today’s episode of Mommy Talks, our guest is the Marilyn Alilang. She is a stay at home mom to 2 kids who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Let us read on and be inspired with her life story!

Chris: Hello Lyn! First of all, thanks for agreeing to share your life story with us at Mommy Talks. Can you share a brief background about yourself to our readers?

Lyn: I’m a SAHM(Stay at Home Mom) with two active kids, Abby 5 and Asher 10.

Hubby and I like to plan our life. We live with schedules and by grace He is on sched.

Chris: When you found out you were sick, what was your reaction? How did you cope?
Lyn: Until last Sept2010, I was diagnosed with breast CA, I thought God stopped loving me and nothing is in control now.

I underwent shock and denial, but treatments happened so fast that denial cut short. I needed to mentally accept the truth and decide for so many things. I hate making decisions and in this part I was really tested, faith after faith everyday.

Project Pink Cancer Support Group at Asian Hospital indeed helped me coped on the first months. Its so good to see that they are still alive and laughing after their cancer ordeal. I consulted Dr. Mae on the first weeks, I felt she organized my mind, listened to all my feelings, gave advices and prayed for me, all free of charges. Also, another Christian doctor survivor became my text mate.

Family, friends, churchmates visits and prayers helped me made it thru. I also read a lot. It is very important to be knowledgeable on my case, it helped me decide during hospital visits.

A strong and composed husband made me wanted to be strong also and believed God is still in control of our family schedules and expenses. I saw Bong at his best.

Chris: Did your kids know about your sickness? how did you they handle?

Lyn: Yes, but not in details.
Life goes on in our family, except for my hospital visits, which means a sleepover for the kids to my sister’s house which they enjoyed. They understand that I will be weak for a couple of days and be strong again. They get used to it, I realized kids will understand if I will simply explain, like I will have my hair back again soon.

Chris: How do you handle being a mom with your sickness?

Lyn: Honestly, I felt I was an absentee mom for six months. My husband spent the time with them, cook, sleep and go to church with them. My parents took care of kids by day. Although, from time to time when I’m strong, I’m a mom to the two.

I resolved to take care of myself first so I can be strong again for them. Eat, relax and bought books to reward myself month after month. (love it!).

Chris: How are you now? Any changes in your lifestyle?

Lyn: Except for the hair, my health is ok now! Praise God!
I’m still taking medicines and with some muscle stiffness.

I’m back as a wife and a mom now, after all this is my prayer to God every night.
And I will decide to love it and not grumble for the daily chores.

I now take it slow, stress free must be the goal.
We ensure to play badminton everyday, all of us.
We sched to invest in nice rubber shoes for everyone.
The ordeal left with wanting to do only important things in life.

Chris: Do you have a message to share with other moms who might be facing the same circumstances.

Lyn: Do not be afraid, just believe. Decide for correct attitude, so it will be easy to live everyday.
Gather help and encouragement all you can have, no one is so strong during trials.
Good survivor support groups are best textmates even at 1 am.
Be informed and knowledgeable on your case, so you know how to handle it and you can explain to family and friends how to handle the situation.
Pray. Do not let cancer hinder God’s plan for your life to go on, as a sister shared to me.

Chris: Many thanks for sharing your life with us! I hope that everyone who reads your story will have the same hope as you have in life! God bless you!

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