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It is still the month of June and we are featuring the dads of our kids this month! Our theme for today is Daddy Moments!

My kids love it when their dad spends time with them and here are some of their recent time together! 😀

Share your daddy moments with us this week!


  1. Simply Dyes says

    I love the last picture! Stack 'em up! hehe 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos!I always look up to fathers who have time to play with their children^_^

    Happy Father's Day to your husband,Mommy Chris!

  3. Looks like Daddy likes to do a lot of different activities with the kids. That's really great! 😀

  4. carinamodella says

    precious moments with their dad…they look so happy together!

    here's my entry:

  5. kwinsiagnes says

    It's nice to see daddy and the kids have a great time…

  6. Donna May says

    It's my first time to have a post for the Mommy Moments!
    Happy Father's Day to your husband and to all Dad in the world!! 🙂

  7. lovely captures!

    Happy Father's day to your hubby 😉

  8. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says

    Love the daddy and kids bonding moments

  9. Tintin.Tetay says

    Happy daddy + Happy babies = Happiest mommy

    My share for the week is up here.

    Advance Happy Father's Day to your husband.

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love them all

  11. chubskulit says

    lovely photos! Advance happy father's day to your hubs Chris.

  12. Mom-Friday says

    Great photos of dad and kids! well, can't share today coz i rarely include hubby on my posts! :)))
    But lately, they bond over iPad!!!

  13. march on... says

    nice pics of daddy-kids bonding time 🙂

  14. warr_shee says

    lovely photos! you are blessed with a beautiful family. Here is my Daddy Moments

  15. vaneneng says

    Hello Mommy! Happy father's day to your hubby.:)I enjoyed the first picture a lot, kitang-kita na dad is having a good time with the kiddos.

    Thank you for this MM meme, it is my first time to join. *excited*

  16. Heartwarming to see pictures of kids bonding with the dad. 🙂

  17. Joining late again, Mommy Chris.

    I do look forward to the time when my husband would also be able to do more fun stuff with the kids. He actually wants to teach them badminton already but they're hands are still a wee bit small for the rackets.

  18. jellybelly says

    Times spent with Daddy are always special. They look so happy and Daddy is very indulging 🙂

  19. they seem to have so much fun!

    MY ENTRY is up!

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