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Mommy Talks
Ever wonder how is it to be a mom when you are a doctor?
Our guest for today is Doctor Elizabeth Joan “Peachy” Ocampo. She is my OBGYN.
Chris: Welcome to Mommy Talks Dr. Peachy! Can you please share a brief introduction about you for our readers.

Dr. Peachy: I graduated from Med school in UERMMMC in 1995. I finished my OBGYN residency in St. Luke’s Medical Center in 2001. So I was practicing OBGYN since 2002. I had my fellowship training in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery in Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taiwan 2009-2010.

My son is now 11 y/o. He was born when I was still a 3rd year OBGYN resident.

Chris: Has your career ever stopped you from becoming a better mom? Do you have any experience that you had to choose between being a doctor and a mom? What happened?

Dr. Peachy: I would have wanted to go into a fellowship training right after residency but my son was just 2 y/o then. I wasn’t able to spend much time with him during his first year since I go on regular duties during my 4th year and I was usually tired when I get home after my duties. Consequently, I wasn’t able to spend much quality time with him then. He spent most of his time with the yaya. At 2 y/o he wasn’t speaking yet. We had his ears checked and brought him to a developmental specialist. The pedia said, he had language confusion since the yaya was speaking Visayan and my in-laws were speaking english. It was very clear for me then that I had to start being a mom and spend time with him. After a few months of regularly spending time with me, he was speaking in no time….and can’t stop talking at that.

I was a hands-on mom, to the extent of even making sample exams for him and being involved in his school activities. I had the chance to share struggles/tears, joys, success and failures with my son which made our bond so strong.

When he turned 9, I thought he can already understand and can handle one year separation from me when I went to taiwan. It was very difficult for him as can be seen in his grades. His Filipino grades were failing. When my fellowship training was finished and I got back on the 4th quarter, his grades went up, its a good thing that it was able to pull up his grades. My presence really makes a difference. My son says, studying is easier when I’m around and that difficult things seemed easier to understand when I’m studying with him.

A mothers warmth brings security in a child’s foundation. The mere presence of a mom makes a very big difference/impact.

Chris: How do you handle being a doctor and a mom at the same time?
Dr. Peachy: With my very busy schedule, I make an effort to make time and listen to him when he is talking to me. I also make sure I understand what he is not verbalizing, so I can target all his needs. In order for me to do this, I have to make sure that work is done in the clinics/hospital and when I’m home, its purely family time. It is not an easy task, but there is no question that my son comes first and that dictates the ranking of priorities.
Chris: Please share a message of encouragement to moms.

Dr. Peachy: I am not a perfect mother but it is my son who taught me how to be a mom. He was very patient and his love unwavering despite my mistakes and shortcomings. His unconditional love made me realize that it is more important to put others over oneself and that there is always something good in everything. When you learn how to give love which is true and pure, when you feel that you will do or sacrifice anything for your child’s well being, over and on top of your own selfish desires, that is when you become a mom.


  1. Spanish Pinay says

    Amazing how a mom's presence really matters to a child 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Anonymous says

    thats very well said Dr.Peachy 😀 from CJ

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