Memorable Family Moment with the Azkals!

The family had a great bonding moment last Sunday as we were able to watch the Philippine Azkals game against Sri Lanka in Rizal Stadium!

It was a great experience as the whole crowd was rooting for the Philippines to win! Not only that, as the game began, the rain also started to pour… we were seated at the bleachers without any cover so everyone was drenched in the rain but no one left the bleachers and after half an hour, the rain finally stopped.. everyone didn’t seem to mind that everyone was drenched.

My kids enjoyed the game and they were excited to experience passing the big Philippine flag around the stadium!


I certainly will not forget the memorable moment we had last Sunday… hope my kids will always cherish it as well!


  1. I was there! It was soooooo much fun.


  1. Go Azkals! says:

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