If you have been wondering why I haven’t been updating my blogs recently and you haven’t seen me online. It is because for the past 3 weeks, our internet at home is not working. We just use a USB modem to connect to the Internet and connection is not always easy. I am really pissed with Digitel’s internet connection and service. They haven’t fixed the problem at all. We are hoping to cut our subscription already even if it means we have to pay extra 2 months because we were supposed to subscribe to their service for at least 30 months. I don’t want to keep paying for service that they don’t provide.

I also have just reformatted by laptop because it has been acting strange and loading really slow. Several services doesn’t start up as well. I forgot to save the bookmarks so I lost them all. Anyhow, I am just starting to install my applications now. Hopefully, I will get it all done tonight. So that I can get back to blogging again soon!


  1. Three weeks without Internet is just too long! Switching to another ISP provider is the best alternative!

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