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Hi everyone! With the influx of gadgets and technology around us, our kids are bombarded with too much entertainment from the gadgets that they might not have enough interest in physical sports and activities anymore. So this week, sports will take center stage in Mommy Moments!

I didn’t like sports so much when I was growing up, in fact, I never did join any sports activities. I was never good at any of them, probably because I was never exposed to them when I was younger. Now that I have kids of my own, even if sports is not my “comfort zone”, I try my best to create opportunities for them to be exposed to different sports. If not to actually join the sports but at least be aware of them.

When my daughter was 5, we enrolled her in swimming classes. She didn’t really submerge herself under water but it gave her opportunity to learn about swimming and not be afraid of water.

As for my son, we brought him to watch the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) game a few months ago so that he will finally have an opportunity to watch a live basketball game.

Then we also went to watch the Azkals football game last July at the Rizal Coliseum!

Now, he loves to play football at home!

Do you have sports stories of your kids? Share them with us this week at Mommy Moments!


  1. ang galing! very sports minded pala tong mga anak mo mamiChris.

  2. your son could be in the PBA when he grows up marce! 🙂 buti ka pa you can bring your son to the games, mine is too young. he gets bored easily so can’t as of yet. your little boy might want to be soccer player when he grows up.

  3. katuwa mga kids who are really into sports, daig tayong mga parents

    have a nice friday momi C, my entry is up too (its been a while since i last joined)

  4. minsan din nabanggit ni Zach “I want to be the world’s greatest soccer player!” hhaha! di ko lang alam how serious is he. Narinig nya lang ata yun sa isang cartoon program about soccer.

  5. It’s good to expose our kids to sports at an early age, so they won’t just spend the whole day watching TV or tinkering with new gadgets. Like Toby, my son, likes any sport with a ball. Here’s my MM entry:

  6. Toby is so cute in his smile!

  7. Its my dream to watch the azkals hehehe

  8. Watched azkals? that’s nice, your boy got to have his sports idol =)

  9. Hi Chris!
    I enjoy this week theme. Thanks!

    Blessings to you and to your family.

  10. my parents never enrolled me in sports, and just like you i want to expose my son to diff sports activities. my entry here

  11. Hi Mommy Chris! Our kids share the same interests! Glad to have joined again here at Mommy Moments using my Kid’s blog!
    Have a blessed week!

  12. Kyla’s into swimming and Tobi’s to basketball…cool! I for one would encourage my child to participate in sports once he’ll enter school. It can have a healthy developmental impact on him.

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