Who Said Homeschooling is Cheaper?

While it is true that you don’t have to spend extra for allowances and travel expenses but those are not the only expenses you have to consider. Our family school monthly budget includes books that we buy as supplement, art and school materials, snacks and field trip expenses.

Having a printer at home is also a must! We print off some worksheets, photos, information and text off the internet many times a week. My little boy likes to do lapbooks and it is no wonder that our printer inks like the laserjet toner cartridges are something that we have to include in our family school budget as well.

So if you are considering to homeschool your kids, I hope “it’s cheaper” is not one of your reasons because that is actually not true. Well, it depends on every family I guess, but in our case, that is not one of the reasons wny we homeschool our kids.


  1. Hi Chris! 😉 I LOVE this post. hehe. A lot of people assume that we homeschool because it’s cheaper – if only I could tell them the many good reasons to homeschool! hehe. By the way, what printer would your recommend? We are looking for a printer for our homeschool needs. 😉 Thanks in advance sis! Godbless!

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