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This is our third week on tips and we are featuring Techie Tips this week! Do you have a techie kid? I think most of the kids today are exposed to computers, internet, PSP and iPad gaming much earlier than when we were kids. My kids are not exempted. They already know how to use the computer and how to use google! They also love playing games on their dad’s iPhone!
After recently attending a talk about internet addiction from, I became more aware of my online time, especially if the kids are around.

Here are some reminders for us moms:

  • Lessen the time in front of a computer when your kids are home.
  • Stay offline and away from Social Networking sites if you need to do something important.
  • Prioritize which online activities are important.
  • Teach kids to organize or schedule their day.
  • Show the value of time with your kids.
  • Do more activities together as a family “offline”.
  • I would be happy to read any other tips you might want to share!


    1. Great tips, Mommy! Kids must not see us parents spend a whole lot of time being on the computer because it will teach them to do the same. 🙂

      I can’t believe I am too early this week. LOL.

    2. very true mommy Chris…they should know the value of our life “offline” as they see it practiced through our lives as parents.
      my Techie Kids

    3. I wish I could lessen the time I spend in front of the computer when my son comes home from school, but I can’t because my full-time work requires me to be online the whole day. I make sure, however, that I still supervise what my son does at home while I work and to spend quality time with him after work. Happy MM! Here’s my entry:

    4. o di ba eye opener sa ating ung talk sa parentin 🙂

    5. i agree esp on the last tip. sharing fun-filled activities with the family whether playing rough games with their dad is okay.

    6. very well said, mommy chris! i had lessen my eldest’s computer time. i guess i have still need to work on tips number 2. we are a work in progress.

    7. thank you for sharing…as I said this is really an opener for me, I feel guilty! sometimes because of some interesting topics and things I see online I sometimes wish my daughter would nap longer during the day or sleep earlier at night so that I can use the internet…time for reality check!
      so now I made a schedule for my internet use that is when my daughter is napping or sleeping,and if she wakes up no other choice but to shut down. it should not interfere with our playtime.

    8. here’s my link to the MM techie tips, sorry was not able to publish it immediately, thanks for the comment=)

    9. Hello Mommy,

      I browsed your site and found this so I thought I’d join with one of my previous blog entries which talks about the same topic.

      I’m glad I found your site!


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