OMF Literature’s Bloggers MIBF Challenge!

When I joined the OMF Literature Bloggers MIBF Challenge yesterday at the Manila International Book Fair, I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen. When I saw the list of things that needs to be done – I thought I wouldn’t be able to do some of them. I thought I wasn’t brave enough. You see, I am naturally a shy person and some of the activities are just out of my comfort zone!

Nonetheless, with God’s help, I was able to complete my list!

1> I grabbed my favorite book and went to have my picture taken like the “I Read” poster…

but I think my kids did better! 🙂

2> Walk up to a complete stranger and recommend a book for them to buy!

Now this took a lot of guts. I looked around the store and choose a person who seemed to be looking for something. I approached her and told her that I am doing this for a blogger challenge and that I will be recommending a book for her. I asked her what book she is looking for and she said that she wants something about relationships.

So I recommended Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot!

3> Take a video and talk about why you love reading!

4> Wear a silly hat, go to another booth and have a picture taken with a stranger!

This is actually the first activity I did for the challenge… and after completing this task, it gave me courage to do the rest of the other tasks. Ice breaker indeed!

5> Introduce myself by going up the stage, getting the mic and telling others about my blog.

6> Post something on social networks inviting others to the OMF booth at MIBF!

7> Get 3 people to sign the OMF Lit survey!

8> Interview 1 OMF Lit staff about the MIBF

I interviewed Angel Fernandez. She mentioned that she usually doesn’t interact with customers as she works in the main office as a marketing retail perosnnel. She mentioned that for the past 2 days she has been very blessed. Very tired – but blessed! She had fun interacting with the different customers!

Doing the different challenges was fun… I truly appreciate good books and enjoy them from OMF Literature!  You want inspiration, instruction,  insight? Do drop by the Manila International Book Fair, it runs until Sunday September 18!



  1. Wow Marz! Congrats and good luck!! Go! Go! Go!

  2. Hi Mommy,

    Saw you last Thursday at Omflit booth plugging your blogsite 🙂 (if I’m not mistaken :))

    Now I understand why! 🙂
    Good luck po 🙂

  3. Oh wow, nawala ang pagka-shy mo mommy? 😀 .. Good luck!

  4. congrats for being able to step out of you comfort zone!

  5. Hi Christine, Ida mentioned that you were there the night before I arrived. Too bad we didn’t get to meet each other…again. Kelan kaya tayo magkita ulit?

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