We Love Ceelin

It has been 5 years ago since we started using Ceelin as my kid’s vitamin C supplement. I never had any problem giving my kids their vitamin C because they love the taste! Just look at these photos!

I chose Ceelin because I believe it is 100% safe for my kids and it provides protection to their immune system, helping them to stay away from common colds and other diseases. I can not guard them 24×7 but knowing that they have taken their daily vitamin C gives me a sense of peace that I have given them the best protection and care.

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Note: I am not compensated for this post. 


  1. Jing Peolino says

    we give our baby boy Ceelin, too! he also loves how it tastes.:)

  2. ceelin user here, too. i already dished out other vitamins, but not ceelin:)

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