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The start of the new year greeted me with some great news! Kyla won a Β 3 month scholarship from Global Art’s Gift of Art FB promo, courtesy of Animetric’s blog contest. I was really excited for her because my daughter really loves drawing and art. I can see that she does have a gift in this area and winning this scholarship from Global Art will teach her techniques to enhance and develop her talent.

Last week, we finally were able to go to Global Art Alabang and she started her first class. She started with a trial to identify which level she would need to start on and as soon as they identified, they immediately started with her first class.

And after 2 hours, this is her first art work.

Isn’t it amazing? I look forward to her future artworks!

Many thanks to Global Art PhilippinesΒ for this great opportunity!




  1. great job, kyla. very artistic! looking forward to seeing more artwork from you.

  2. Wow. You really have an artist in the making, Chris! πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats to Kyla! I love her artwork! She’s really good!
    Happy MM!

  4. Kyla’s artwork is lovely! Good job, Kyla! You deserve that scholarship from Global Art! Here’s my MM entry:

  5. Hi Chris! wow ang laki na girl mo..been awhile not here. my daughter likes painting and drawing too.but your daughter really an artist in the making. cheers!

  6. Hi sis!

    Ang galing tlga ni Kyla sa art.. I am really amaze sa ginawa nya dito ha.. u’r so lucky to have talented kids! Idol tlga kita sa pagteach and guide sa knila sis promise! How I wish I can do the same with my kids.. πŸ™

  7. This is really amazing! I’m sure Kyla is enjoying her class πŸ™‚
    I have not shared JT’s work yet since he’s still in the first stage of cartoon course — he doesn’t want what Kyla did here kasi doesn’t have patience to color this much! hahaha… he’s more into sketching and drawing talaga.

  8. That’s really a very good opportunity for Kyla to improve her craft. Congratulations.

    By the way, thanks for joining my book giveaway.

  9. ganda naman ng artwork ni Kyla…very colorful and defined ang mga elements! budding artist talaga…hope to see more of your girl’s work!

  10. great artwork kyla! very colorful… keep it up πŸ™‚

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