Community Workers

Community workers are part of our studies in Social Studies. Community workers are important people in our society. They work and serve the community in their own special vocations.

I asked my kids who are their favorite community workers and to act them out. My daughter’s favorite community worker is the teacher. She said that when she grows up, she would like to be a teacher!  She doesn’t need to wear western boots or be super fashionable, she just needs to teach children and to teach them well.

My son’s favorite community worker is the handyman. Probably due to the influence of Handy Manny, Disney’s cartoons. He pretended to fix our window using screw driver and other handy man tools.

Who are your favorite community workers?



  1. so true! community workers are a big part in our society.

  2. waah kakapanibago ang site mo mare! ang ganda at ang fresh sa mata 🙂

    probably my kids will say Handy Man too 🙂

    where as Sati, hmm sasabihan nyan: Make up!

    when I asked her yesterday what she will give to you (and all her ninangs) ang sagot make up! (hang adik lang sa make up haha)

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