Living Outside of the Metro

I lived in the crowded town of Sta Cruz Manila since I was born until I got married when I was 24. Everything was very accessible, either through walking or commuting. But when we moved to Sta Rosa Laguna 7 years ago, I had to adjust since I am not really familiar with the commuting routes and I don’t really drive. Aside from having little kids, the distance really made going to social events in Manila impossible and the least of my priorities.

I am thankful that after a few years, Sta Rosa has finally started to develop. There are numerous outlet malls where you can find imported and branded clothes, big groceries, nearby hospitals and good restaurants.  Shopping has definitely become easier and cheaper! They offer discounted prices and you can use your calvin klein coupons for additional discounts. But what really makes living here great is the nature parks nearby.

We are blessed to live near Nuvali where there is a good walking and biking trail. We also have friends in Ayala Westgrove where there are good parks inside the village and even in our own village, there are spaces where the kids can play and walk around the village.

Though I miss my friends in Manila, I wouldn’t trade living here! It is wonderful to remember where God has led me through the years and where I am now.

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