Five Top Tips for Successful Home Schooling

Increasingly, parents are finding it difficult to find a place at the school of their choice for their children. This can an extremely upsetting time and leave parents feeling as though they have little choice but to educate their child at home. This can be a daunting prospect even for the most experienced parent but there are ways of improving the chance of success.

Structuring the Day
One of the great difficulties of educating at home is making the day feel structured so that the child still feels they are ‘working’ and being educated. It is all too easy in the home environment for timings to slip and this should be avoided. Draw up a timetable and stick to it as closely as possible so that the child knows what time lessons start and when the breaks will be.

Stay Focussed
The family home can have a lot of distractions for the parents as much as the child. One of the great joys of home schooling is the amount of individual attention that can be given to the child. When setting exercises for the child to do, parents should make every effort to then remain with them as they work through them rather than moving off, perhaps to a different part of the house, to do chores. This will impress upon the child that the process is still one of teaching and learning.

Proper Teaching Environment
It can be helpful to have a room, or part of a room, that is set aside as the teaching area. Introducing things such as school furniture in the form of a proper desk and chair can help underline the teaching environment and make it seem removed from the normal living area.

Learning is Fun
A parent who has chosen to home-school can feel an added responsibility on their shoulders which may transmit to the child. Children absorb from their learning in much the same way as playing and it should continue to be fun. The educational experience does not need to mean parent and child shackled to a work desk. Many great learning experiences can be found in the home as well as on outings to local parks and museums. Careful choice of toys and games that have a good educational value will prove invaluable to a home-schooling parent.

Any parent considering this course of action is bound to be a little nervous and wonder if their child will be able to socialise in the same way as they would in a school. This should not be a great concern, however and it is worth remembering that some rural schools have very few pupils indeed. Getting together with other parents embarking on home learning as well as regular outings that provide the opportunity for social interaction will allow a home-educated child to build on their adult relationships.

Home schooling allows a parent to be safe in the knowledge their child is growing up in a secure environment and being educated to a good standard. There is a great deal of advice available to parents from many sources to ensure that the current curriculum is covered.

This post is written by Francesca. She is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing her knowledge on a variety of subjects including family and education. This guest post was written on behalf of Innova Design Solutions.


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