Good TV Watching Habits

By this time, most of the kids are enjoying their summer vacation. Spending time traveling, playing, doodling, watching or doing some sports activities. While it is okay for the kids to relax and enjoy the break, as parents, we should be aware at what they are doing. Whenever the kids are at home and watches TV programs or movies, how do we monitor what they watch or how long they watch?

For our family,  we set guidelines for the kids which teach them to become responsible. We tell them why the guidelines are there and what are the consequences if they break the guidelines. It helps them to become responsible and they learn to set boundaries on themselves. Of course, I still have to remind them from time to time but it is amazing how a good habit starts to develop when you are firm in the beginning.

Some good TV watching guidelines could be:

– Set a time limit on how long they can watch TV shows or movies each day. During regular days, my limit is one hour of movie or TV program each day.

– Set movie dates together. Instead of  allowing them to watch movies alone, make it a family bonding time where you can share a special moment with the kids and discuss the movie afterwards.

– Choose which appropriate TV programs they should watch. Whatever the kids watch, their young minds would absorb. If we feed them trash, definitely, trash will come out.


It would be better to start developing the good habits early. You don’t have to wait until your kids are 7! Good habits can easily be developed while they are young. We  just need to be consistent.

If you have any other tips in mind, I would love to hear from you!

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