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Whether you are a new mom or you’e been a mom for the last 10 years or more, you always have a need for support and information. I have been a mom for the past 8 years and one of the things that I have learned is that moms need support from other moms. It doesn’t matter whether your kids are 1 year old or 10 year olds. Support from others will always be a source of information and encouragement to better parenting.

Support groups can come in the form of:
1. your own social circle of friends
2. FB groups, Twitter friends
3. Blogger friends and mom forum friends
4. Friends from religious groups
5. Magazines or books
6. Product clubs

As our kids grow up, we encounter different circumstances and challenges and sometimes, asking other moms for help and information is the best way to deal with them. When my kids were still babies, my personal source of information were books, magazines and mom blogs that I often visit. I always checked them for tips and how-to articles regarding baby care. Eventually, I discovered great products that other moms reviewed and some great but easy dishes to prepare at home. Now that my kids are school aged, I especially love those mom blogs which discuss biblical parenting and parenting tips. Discipline and issues of the heart are the common issues I deal with most often lately. Since we also homeschool the kids, homeschooling articles in the internet are also my source of support. Of course, nothing beats having a homeschool support group who prays with you and shares your burden with you.

It is through these support groups that you also grow as a person. You learn to help, become considerate and put others first. Support groups can also be venues for outreach and for community projects. It is not only a place where you get support but you also learn to give to others.

Do you have your own support group? What group is this?


  1. Online, my support group is N@W or Newlyweds at Work. 😀

  2. I find support from my high school batch mates who are mommies already. We have a Facebook page where we discuss everything about being a mommy. Also, through mommy blogs!!! I found super great advice and suggestions through their reviews and experiences 🙂

  3. our group (Marce Club) is what I consider my support group, specially when all I need is a just a pat on the back or like when I feel low or not sure of myself, you guys are always there to assure me that everything will be alright! 🙂

  4. Same here. I’ve got the Marce Club and some friends from way back to lean on. 🙂

  5. I have quite a lot of support group and I am very thankful for all the advices I get.

  6. Yes, support groups are essential, and for me it is where I draw strength, inspiration, or just to simply vent out my spur of the moment feelings. Aside from the a couple of Facebook groups, I have my friends, as well as online forums as well. Of course, a big chunk are mom bloggers, whose support and love have all been priceless in the past couple of years. 🙂

  7. I totally agree with support group marce. Our marce club is one of my support groups that will help me process my feelings about a tough situation and pray for me.

  8. Same here, i have a lot of support groups too including my family group who really knows & understand me more more than anybody does.

  9. As a WAHM who don’t have the luxury of everyday face-to-face socialization, I’ve found support in fellow WAHMs and bloggers who has made me feel like I’m not alone in this crazy online life. right now I have our Marce club and the Ranchers, and some select close friends I talk to all the time on Facebook. Nothing big, just a few individuals (including you) who I’ve come to love and trust with all my heart <3

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