Pureplay Sports 3-in-1 Summer Camp

Now that summer is here, we enrolled my son in a 3-in-1 summer sports camp here in Nuvali. The sports training camp started today. The 3-in-1 camp will be having 16 sessions ( 5 sessions on basic football, 5 sessions of basic baseball, 5 sessions on basic ultimate disc).

It was my son’s first time to join in a summer training and I am very happy to see that he was enjoying himself and seem very confident on the field. I am truly grateful that Pureplay and Nuvali decided to open such a camp which would help little kids get a taste of 3 different sports. It allows them to develop the basic sport discipline and hone special skills at the same time. It also serves as an exposure and educational camp for the kids before they decide which sports they would really like to pursue in the future. I am just really glad that they decided to hold a summer camp here at Nuvali, Sta Rosa. We have been looking for one here for quite some time already.

If you still haven’t found a summer sports camp for your kids, try to check their schedules at the different venues. They are still accepting enrollees and will just pro rate the camp fees.  For more info, please call 892-1768 or check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002443648551


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