Reading Classics

I always have been an avid reader of publications. Whether they are books, magazines or of recent, blogs. I enjoy reading because it takes me to places I have never been, to people I have never met and to experiences I have never encountered yet. Reading has allowed me to grow as a person as ideas and perspectives develop as I continue reading.

Of recent, one of the books I have finished reading from cover to cover is the Bible. I have been a Christian for about 20 years now but it is only recently that I have been able to read the Bible in its entirety. It is truly rich in content as I see the history of mankind, the complexity of people and the faithfulness of God unfold.

While many people would rather read modern day novels, I realized that reading the classics is important if we want to grow as a reader and as a person. Aside from the Bible, I’ve been reading some children’s classics too. I actually find them enjoyable. Contrary to the what others are saying, the plot could be simple but the characters and the words used are definitely remarkable. Reading classics, while sitting on your custom fit seat covers at home, is truly an enjoyable and learning experience.

I have realized that reading classics definitely helps one have a bigger vocabulary, increases one’s creativity, improves one’s writing ability and helps one to gather timeless ideas too. If you are looking for a good book to read aloud with your kids, why don’t you pick one of the classics and give it a try?


  1. I agree that reading classics does have positive results on us. I wanna go back reading such soon. Thanks for sharing this Ms. Chris! About the Bible, reading it has been my struggle for so many years already.

  2. We enjoy reading the books listed on the site. I print them out and have them bound. Right now, we’re loving F.J. Gould’s The Children’s Plutarch, amongst other things.

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