School Year 2012-2013

Another school year has official started for us. It will be our 3rd year to homeschool the kids. My daughter is now in 3rd grade while my son is in prep or senior kinder. We enrolled with The Master’s Academy (TMA) again this year because we like the way their system works.  They provide good support via trainings and portfolio reviews. Best of all, my kids like their system too. Since we are located outside of Metro Manila, we are not able to attend play groups and other activities as often as we would like but I am glad to have the support of consultant assigned to us whenever we need her.

The curriculum we chose this year includes a variety of resources.  For my 3rd grader, we have Apologia Botany, My Pals are Here, Voyages of English, Total Language Plus, One Country One People, Binhi, Mystery of History and Bible Study Guide for all Ages.

For my prep student, we have Sing Spell Read and Write, Writing with Ease, Early Math, Explore and Grow, Ang Diyos at Ako sa Filipino and Bible Study Guide for all Ages. I am also hoping to use Five in a Row.  We are shifting to a more “classical” way of doing things with more narration, dictation and memorization. We are also reading more classic books together.  We also want to continue using unit studies as well.

I pray that this school year would be a fruitful one, in all aspects. May the kids grow up in stature, in wisdom, in favor with God and man. 


  1. I really admire moms like you who homeschool their kids.
    Hindi ito kaya ng powers ko!!! Haha! 🙂

  2. Great curriculum, Chris! And I am sure that with your guidance, your children will “grow up in stature, in wisdom, in favor with God and man.”

    And I’m sooo glad that you’re now considering Five in a Row! It’s a really wonderful program that is so close to my family’s heart. 🙂

    • thanks Mariel. hopefully, we can try Five in a Row with my son and see if it works for him this school year,

  3. Thanks for sharing your curriculum with us, Chris! 🙂 Let’s continue to pray for one another, esp. fellow HSing moms! 🙂

  4. Hi Chris, at first, I never considered homeschooling as my option when time comes that my daughter will go to school. But I meet more mommies each day who does homeschool so I got interested. I just hope that I’ll have the discipline and management skills. 🙂

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