Accident at Work

Many years ago, I worked for a telecommunications company as an Information Technology associate. I worked there for 7 years and held different positions. I started out as a helpdesk associate and eventually moved to applications support specialist and web support specialist. But of course, if any of my team members needed help or assistance, I was glad to assist them too. I accumulated many experiences, travel opportunities and learned the value of team work.

One of my unforgettable experiences was during the new year’s day of the year 2000. I met an accident after work. We were working from the eve of December 31, 1999 until the next day, January 1, 2000 to make sure that the computer servers and applications would work well and wouldn’t crash following the Y2K date change. We were all tired and sleepy already the next day as we were up all night. I left the office around 7 or 8 in the morning, and was walking away when I accidentally lost my step and hurt my right foot. I stepped and felt my right foot’s bone get crushed. I was in agonizing pain and couldn’t walk any further. I ended up going to the emergency room of the hospital and after having an x-ray, I went home with a cast on my right leg and a pair of crutches. I was stuck at home for the next 3 weeks and couldn’t even take a bath properly! What a disaster!

Thankfully, my company gave me a paid leave and even gave me a special award  and compensation for my hard work during the Y2K support. But not all offices are as generous and supportive as my previous company. I have heard of several companies who don’t shoulder their employee’s bills when they get injured from work. This is where companies like First4lawyers  step in. They focus on helping employees in claiming their benefits from their employers. As long as the injury happens in the workplace, employees should receive some compensation. Accident at work claims from first4lawyers includes the following accidents which resulted to injury which wasn’t the employee’s fault : slip injuries, back injuries, finger injuries or even accidents due to inadequate training.

If you find yourself in a accident at work, you may need legal advice. Why not call the best personal injury lawyer in Toronto, or, if you are in Vancouver, call this ICBC lawyer.

Meeting accidents at work is not something that we should be taking lightly as it can result to lifelong injury and stop  our ability to earn for our family. We should be aware of our rights and be extra careful while doing our best at work.

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  1. Accidents do happen at work. In our office, we shoulder the hospital expenses of our employees.


  2. It’s never comfortable going through an accident, physically, emotionally, financially you feel it…

  3. oh, be careful next time sis

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