Tips to Avoid Stress and Burn Out

We all have days that we want to just relax or do something that would make us feel better. Some would go out to shop, maybe buy themselves a new pair of oakley flak pack 3.0 or new bags or new clothes. Others would just sleep all day and rest. While some would watch a movie or read a book. Whatever it is that you do that makes you relaxed, you should do that at least once in a week. Everyone, especially moms,  really need to have at least one day of rest in a week. There has been plenty of studies which show that it is best to have a day of relaxation to rejuvenate the tired body and soul. It would benefit the person and even those whom she serves. I believe that is why God made one day of rest for all of us.

As moms, we are busy 24×7 but we should keep in mind that we need to have healthy bodies for our families. It is of utmost importance that we care for our physical body and our soul.

Here are some tips to avoid stress and burn out.

1. Make sure that you have at least one day where you don’t do chores at home.

2. Schedule a day or night out with some of your friends.

3. Do something which inspires you at least once a week or few minutes each day. Read, watch, plant, eat, declutter or connect with someone.

4. Pray.

5. Plan your coming days. If you have a lot on your plate in the coming days, plan them out to avoid stress!


Stress is inevitable in life but we should not let stress overcome us. Manage our stress and life would be more enjoyable and productive in the long run.



  1. #2 is important to me to keep in touch with “the outside” world and reconnect with old friends! 😉

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