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As a homeschool family, we always scout for good books. Since there is no good public libraries in the Philippines, one has to build their own library at home. We love living books.  According to Charlotte Mason, “Living books are usually written by one person who has a passion for the subject and writes in conversational or narrative style. The books pull you into the subject and involve your emotions, so it’s easy to remember the events and facts. Living books make the subject “come alive.”

Just recently, I was really blessed to have received some  Amazon Promo Code 2012 which I used to purchase living books and materials which we would be using for this school year and the coming school years. We don’t have much spare cash, so every money that we save means a lot to the family.

Just how can one build their own library with limited cash? Is it even possible? I believe that it is possible.

Here are some tips on building your own library, even on a limited budget!

– Make sure that you set aside some money every month for books. The amount doesn’t have to be big as long as it is included in the monthly budget.

– Look for promo codes like promo code 2012. It can definitely bring big savings to the family.

– Check out books from thrift book shops like Booksale or Books for Less. Most often than not, they have a copy of those classics and books at a lower price.

– Research what books are worth purchasing. Not every title should be bought. One should have a goal what sort of books you want to have on your library.

– Connect with groups that share the same interest and passion for books. You can probably swap some of your titles.

– Electronic books are quite common nowadays. Better check out if there are free electronic copies of the books that you need.

– Join bookfairs and conferences where prices of books are lower than usual.

– Check out online stores which sells pre-loved books like  The Learning Basket. They have a great list of classic books at cheap prices.

Building your own library takes awhile, but it is for a good investment. Family spends more time reading together and hunting for those good books together.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share?






  1. e-bay! but then, you’d need a balikbayan box and an obliging relative in the states!

  2. I agree, Chris! That’s why I opened my online bookshop to help parents find high quality, pre-loved children’s books by the best authors and illustrators, as you can attest to! 🙂 No need to spend on gas and parking, just shipping 😀 Btw, I’ll email you later the list of books that you’ve requested for. 🙂

  3. When I was in college, I don’t want to spend money on new books so I bought 2nd hand books from students selling their old books. That way I saved a lot of my parent’s hard earned cash ; )


  4. I’m a librarian, and I’m almost embarrassed to say that this is the first time I’ve heard of living books :). It is a wise investment to build your own home library. The gift of knowledge is something which simply can’t be beat. The kids will definitely benefit from it for years to come.

  5. My daughter loves reading so I’ll be checking out these Amazon promo codes since my sister is in the US now. Thanks! 😀

  6. Just tried this one recently: Book Depository. They ship for free anywhere in the world and now their prices are at par with amazon (it was higher two years ago).

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