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I am not the shopping type. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I have shopped for myself. I find it hard to spend so much for my clothes or accessories when I know that we have bills needing to be paid. I have also stayed away from window shopping in malls to avoid unnecessary expenses. When you pass by the mall, chances are the kids would get hungry and you’d need to buy food and spend unnecessarily.

So I am truly grateful for online stores. Recently, this is what I use for our homeschool materials and books. It allows a stay at home mom like me to shop at my convenience and look for the items I need and know the amount I would need to save for. I recently saw this clark rubber catalogue. Clark rubber is leading retail store of unique lifestyle and outdoor products. They also sell mattresses and foams. Along with pools and pumps too.  Having an online catalogue definitely allows the shoppers to see the features of each product and gives you the convenience to shop at the comforts of your home. You can search by brand, by price or by buying preference. This innovation from the Lasoo Online Catalogues certainly does make shopping easier by housing different catalogues from different retail stores.


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