Self Defense for Kids

The world has evolved and the people that our kids interact with are not always the safest people they will meet. There might be bullies in school or strangers which mean them harm. We as their parents, can’t physically be there with them, no matter how much we want to keep our kids safe. We need to raise their level of awareness and prepare them for the worst.

We need to teach them the basics of self-defense. Learning Karate or Taekwondo can be a good start.

Giving our older kids a weapon they can use should they get mobbed would be wise. It can be an umbrella, a kubaton key chain or even handy tools.

Teach the kids to be aware of their surroundings especially if they are walking late at night.

While the kids are little, teach them not to talk with strangers and accept gifts from people they don’t know.

Teach the kids to shout and make gestures when someone is taking them away.

Do you have other tips for kids? Please leave a comment and share them so we can all raise awareness among our family members.


  1. Great article. I totally agree with all the points. Not all people that our children meet are safe. Key chains, pepper sprays and lipstick stun guns are the best self defense weapons that are easy to carry. According to me, every children specially girls should carry these weapons for their safety.

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