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Halloween gives your children a chance to use their imagination and pretend to be anyone they want. Many children love superheroes and want to dress up as their favorite character. If you need a few ideas for popular superhero costumes your children might enjoy, read on:

Batman For decades, children have dressed up as Gotham’s crime fighter. The Batman costume consists of a mask with bat ears, dark clothes, a cape and a utility belt.

Superman Many children feel inspired by the story of Superman, an alien who works to protect his adopted planet. Superman’s blue and red costume is iconic and classic.

Iron Man The Iron Man comic book character has found new popularity after a series of profitable movies. With this costume, children don a suit of armor to vanquish their imaginary foes on Halloween.

Wonder Woman Wonder Woman’s outfit, inspired by the American flag, is a favorite among young girls. Traditionally a somewhat skimpy outfit, this popular look can be made child-friendly with the addition of a blue skirt.

Thor Thor, a comic book character inspired by a Norse mythological figure, has become a popular superhero due to several high-grossing movies. This fun costume consists of a helmet, red cape and a hammer.

The Hulk A costume inspired by the Hulk lets children be a superhero with a scary side. With the appropriate makeup, green shirt and torn shorts, this costume is easy for a child to wear.

Supergirl Supergirl shares many similar qualities with Superman, including the costume. Girls can don a red skirt, blue shirt and red cape to embrace their favorite superhero.

Spider-Man Many children identify with the quiet nature of the Spider-Man character. Although Spider-Man doesn’t have some of the impressive abilities of other superheroes, he’s still a favorite among children.

Captain America Some children feel inspired by the morals and kindness of Captain America. Armed with the iconic Captain America shield, children can have fun acting as a true American hero for a day.

Catwoman Catwoman, the occasional enemy and friend of Batman, makes a fun costume for girls who want to enjoy their Halloween as a superhero. Although this costume is similar to a Batman costume, Catwoman dons a pair of cat ears instead of a bat mask.

For this year’s Halloween, consider dressing your family up as a team of superheroes. Your team will look great and have fun at your Halloween festivities.


  1. My superhero would be “Iron Man”, haven’t found matching boots though.

  2. Joaqui used to like Superman and now Iron Man. It’s really fun watching them in superhero costume and let them imagine to have super powers.

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