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Jumpstart is not new to our family. We have used first in 2009. Then we were asked to review it again on 2010. On 2011, we tried the new features and this year, we were asked to review the product again. Since my kids loved Jumpstart before, we didn’t hesitate trying it.

When my kid,s ages 8 and 5, logged in, they were delighted to see the familiar areas. They saw StoryLand, which is aimed at 3-5 year olds. They also explored AdventureLand and MarineLand, which is designed for kids in kindergarten to second grade. My older child who is in 3rd grade, checked out  FutureLand and Uncle Milton’s Scienceland. Of course their favorite is the Enchanted Sanctuary. This is where they hatched and raise their own dragons!

The latest addition to the Jumpstart world is the interactive DreamWorks Madagascar™ area! If you are familiar with the movie, you would see all of the zoo animals and characters from the film. including the Penguins which get their own underground headquarters! Since my kids knew the movie characters, they were looking for characters like Marty, Gloria and Alex.

At first, we didn’t know where to find the Madagascar area in the whole Jumpstart world since it really contains a lot of activities inside.  We later found out that it can be found in Main Street. Just needed to proceed to the Central Park Zoo. Inside the Central Park Zoo, you can click on each animal and get to learn more facts about each animal. There is even a puzzle which you can complete.



Madagascar Preschool Surf and Slide was one of the first games my kids tried. It is an interactive game featuring baby versions of the Madagascar characters. It is located in the Zoo Nursery, directly behind the Central Park Zoo. To get there, exit the Zoo and go around the Zoo until you see the Nursery. It is located between StoryLand and Windy Hollows.

You can choose which character you wanted to use to surf and which surfing board to use.


As the character slides, he is presented with a question that is just right for preschoolers. He gains points as the game progresses.


Another interesting game is the new European train ride. As you ride the train, you can go down in the station and walk around and see more of Europe. As you play and explore the game, you will be able to know more facts and trivia about each country that you visit.


It is a great way for children to explore a little geography and culture.


There are downloadable games, additional lessons and worksheets which you can download and print for more learning fun. It is already included with your membership. You can also explore the JumpStart Blog at http://blog.jumpstart.com for information about the latest additions to the game. They also have a JumpStart gamer guide available at http://www.jumpstart.com/CustomerCare/game-guide.aspx .


I believe that Jumpstart can really be a good tool for the kids to learn reading, math and logic while enjoying. My own children loved it that they can create characters and play the game in several areas. The additional Madagascar content  are interesting and fun. They can encourage the kids to play and learn more about animals and geography. I think though there are too many areas already that the kids below 7 may find the game too hard and complex. They need to navigate through several areas before they can find what they are actually looking for.

We’ve actually had a hard time playing and navigating through the game because the system always hangs. I am not sure if it is my browser, my internet connection or the Unity Web Player which keeps crashing. Aside from that problem, I  think Jumpstart is still worth your money and your kid’s time.

You can choose different payments for membership in Jumpstart. There is  the monthly package worth $3.99/month or the $29.99/year or the$ 59.99 for lifetime membership.

If you are interested to try Jumpstart yourself, why don’t you join this simple giveaway. Jumpstart is giving away a 3-month membership to one reader of The Mommy Journey! Giveaway ends on November 22. Winner will be chosen via random.org through the Rafflecopter below. 

 Winner will be posted here and be contacted via email. Giveaway is open worldwide!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided with a JumpStart  membership at no cost by Jumpstart in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.


  1. We love Jumpstart too! 🙂 Someone donated Jumpstart Preschool and Kinder CDs us when we were still in Timor and Tim (who was around 4 then) LOVED them and learned a lot from them! 🙂 Too bad the CDs were kinda old, so now I think they’re “overused” and not working properly (they were old version too!) Thanks for this great review of the website. 🙂 Will let Tim check it out soon! 🙂

    God bless always, sis!

  2. April F. Manuel says

    My daughter will use the free membership. 🙂

    April F. Manuel

  3. Hi Chris, I remember I won the 3 month free membership a few years back. It was my daughter who used it and now I’m homeschooling 2 kids and I’m sure both of them will love it!

  4. My kids love the free version and have been begging for a membership. We have Jumpstart 2nd grade that needs a membership to continue on the levels too. Trying to figure out if its worth the $$$ though. a free trial would be great!

  5. My kids love Jump Start! We’ve been thinking about getting a membership, and this would be an awesome way to get it!

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