My Amherst Plant Tour and Day Out!

Two Mondays ago, I was very excited to join a field trip! Along with other bloggers, I was invited to the Amherst Plant Tour in Mamplasan in Binan Laguna.  Being a fan of Unilab products, I was looking forward to this trip to learn how their products were being made.

Since I reside in Santa Rosa Laguna, I was the last one picked up by the bus and we went straight to the Amherst Plant. When we arrived, we were ushered to their AVP room and we saw several of the products that they have been making.

Then shortly, we began our tour. We had to wear white scrubs, shoe covers and keep our hair neat to avoid any exposure.

Before we entered, we had to wash and dry our hands.

 We saw the hallway and learned that every door color has a meaning. Some are contained area – because the solid medicines are still exposed and are just being packed.

Each medicine undergoes a tedious process before it gets packaged.

I was really impressed with the world class facilities that Amherst had! It made me a proud Pinoy knowing that quality medicines were manufactured by Filipinos for Filipinos.

After the plant tour, Unilab partners brought us to Crisostomo in Nuvali for a sumptous lunch.

And each had our one-hour spa treatment in Nuvali’s Indulgence Spa!

I truly enjoyed the company, the plant tour, the lunch and the spa – it was one of the rare moments I finally had a day out without the whole family around me to have fun!


  1. I love your group pic by the reception, you all look lovely! Amherst lab is truly world-class!
    Lucky for our group we had personalized blue lab gowns with our names embroidered, hehehe 🙂
    We also went to Indulgence Spa to end the trip.

  2. Nice post! I really love the Amherst Tour Experience ; )

    It was nice seeing you again.


  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the plant tour, Chris! Parang field trip lang for adults, no? 🙂

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