Decorating for Christmas

December is finally here! Since I was young, December has been my favorite month of the year. Probably because it is my birth month and it is the season of giving. I love decorating up our house and doing it with the kids. It brings out the creativity in me, but more so, it gives the family something to look forward to every Christmas season. Now that my daughter is 8, she helps me choose the kind of  Christmas decorations we will use for the tree and for the rest of the house. You see, creativity is my weakness and she definitely has more creativity than I do.

This year, this is how she decorated our staircase. She just re-used old decors but re-designed them.


And this is how our little Christmas tree looks like! She added her Hello Kitty collection to make it look lively!

This is the centerpiece she put on our table.

Decorating the house together is a Christmas family tradition that our family has been doing for the past few years. I love that it brings out the best in each family member. We learn about creativity, resourcefulness and cooperation – together.


  1. Wow! I love those decors and putting up the family members’ signature or favorite stuff on the tree seems a very nice idea!

  2. Hi Chris! I’ve finally entered the world of blogging! It is you who first inspired me about blogging, and now I finally got around to it after coming up with a good idea for a blog. Please visit my site. Hope you can tutor me one of these days. I’m just learning as I go along with it!

  3. lovely. my daughter also helped us with our christmas decorations this year and she’s 4. i love how your daughter put the hello kitty toy on the tree!

  4. I feel so sad for Una, it’s her 4th Christmas and no Christmas tree in our house. 🙁 The in-laws said it’s too much work and our room is too small. We make up for it by bringing her to every Christmas displays we could think of. I like the Hello Kitty decor, it makes your tree extra special because the kids are involved. 😀

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