Blanket of Love

I love quilts! They make the bed feel more comfortable, fashionable and homey. I have always wanted to get some Donna Sharp quilt for each of our beds here at home. Quilts give me a sense of protection and comfort.

Since my kids were babies, we have used quilts as their blankets. Until now, both of them still use their quilts. I also wanted to get those personalized patchwork quilts. It seems like a nice idea to put all our happy family photos into a single blanket of love so we can all gather together and snuggle on cold nights. I have never learned how to make quilts and I don’t think I have the time to learn how to make one now, so it would be best to just order online. There are several quilt designs to choose from including zebra quilts designs or kid designs or even simple white quilts!

Whenever possible, I like giving this as a gift to friends and loved ones.┬áIt would really make a wonderful gift to any family member. It brings lots of happy memories bringing warmth and joy to one’s heart, it can also provide warmth and comfort to the physical body.

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