Life Interruptions

When you are homeschooling your kids, interruptions are bound to happen. How you view and handle the interruptions along the way will contribute greatly to the success of your homeschooling.

Interruptions are part of life – like when someone gets sick or friends and relatives come for a visit or someone spills water all over or chores need to be done. In our case, the most recent interruption happened today.  We were in the of our homeschooling day, when hubby came home from his biking session and told us that he had an accident.

We decided to go to the medical clinic immediately to have his shoulder and elbow checked so we can be sure that there is no fracture. Lo and behold, he has 2 fractures. Both the shoulder and the arms have some fracture. The doctor put a cast on his arms and put bandage around his shoulders too. We are praying that his body will heal by itself so that he doesn’t have to undergo surgery to fix the fracture on his shoulder.

Because we don’t have a helper at home, the 4 of us went to the clinic and the hospital together. When we came home, it was almost the end of the day as it was already 4:30PM. Besides, everyone was tired already! I told the kids “Oh no! We weren’t able to do our homeschool today.”

My daughter’s reply was “It’s okay! At least we were there with daddy.” I immediately acknowledged her input telling her that she is right. Homeschool is not only learning from books but more importantly, it is learning about real life. It was important that we were there to be with daddy when he needed us. We were with him and we prayed for him. This is what family does for each other and no workbook can teach this life lessons – except experience.

The kids also learned to be appreciative of their functioning body parts as they watch their dad wince in pain and unable to move his right arms and shoulder and needing assistance. They also learned to be grateful in the midst of hard situations in life.

Of course, the kids became bored while waiting at the hospital at a certain point but I believe that they needed to be part of everything that happened today. This interruption allowed them to see what happens when someone gets into an accident and what needs to be done. They saw the nurse and the doctor in action while putting the cast on their dad. They also saw how the hospital system works.

We  all learned so much today. We often react with negativity when there are interruptions in life but truly, we can all learn so much more when we face interruptions with prayer and with an open heart, ready to learn.

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  1. I both loved your son’s and daughter’s reply! The former really looks forward to homeschooling and the other one considers the emergency as a family bonding activity. My son loves homeschooling so much too that he makes sure the he finishes everything before he plays with the neighborhood kids in the afternoon. ^_^

  2. Sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he gets well soon and that he won’t need to undergo an operation. I really like this post. Clearly, there is a reason for everything and that there’s always some lessons to be learned in the daily happenings in our lives. 🙂

  3. Chris, hope your husband heals well. I like the outlook you are encouraging in this post. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we do react negatively, life interruptions come as life lessons.

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