My Pregnancy Journey

My daughter just turned 9 this month. She has grown to become a bright, responsible and loving little lady. If you asked me 10 years ago what would I have expected as I learned I was pregnant, I would tell you that I was nervous and I felt incompetent to be a mother!

We were married for more than 2 years already when I got pregnant. I wasn’t physically ready and did’t know quite what to expect! I had all day sickness (it wasn’t just morning sickness!) making me unable to leave the bed. I was even confined in the hospital because I had Hyperemesis. Making me almost dehydrated and lacking in nutrition. I’ve never felt so weak and helpless.

Good thing I was able to find an OB-GYNE who knew what to do. She guided me throughout the pregnancy and advised me to take in some vitamin supplements and to drink Anmum regularly. I lost so many pounds during my first trimester but gratefully, I eventually regained all that I lost during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

This was my picture when I was celebrating my 27th birthday, 2 months before I gave birth to our first born.

photo (67)

After the dreadful first trimester, I had a joyful pregnancy and safe delivery. It was a wonderful and memorable experience.

If you are a first time mom and you don’t  know what to expect, don’t panic. Here are some steps that I did which you can do too:

– Look for an OB-GYNE that you trust.

– Prioritize your health always.  Eat healthy and drink Anmum regularly.

– Schedule a monthly check up to ensure safety of your pregnancy and your baby.

– Research about your journey.

I didn’t have much mom friends back then so I usually did my research through the internet. I looked for what I can expect and I should avoid to make my pregnancy and delivery safe. I also looked for forums where I can ask questions or opinions about delivery methods and other mommy matters.

The new Anmum website is just the kind of website that would have been most useful for me. The information is categorized by different needs of a soon-to-be mom or if you are still trying to conceive or if you are now a mom like me. There are several websites for moms but few are made specifically for Filipina moms like you and me.


There are tools like the Anmum Ovulation Calendar and the 1-Minute Folate Test, which allows moms to track their daily folate intake level. There is also a section for moms to ask the experts – OB, Nutritionist, Pedia, and Parenting Expert – about any concerns you might have.



So whatever stage you are in, visit and follow Anmum Mommy Circle in Facebook and Twitter (Anmum MommyCircle PH) to get the support and information you need in your motherhood journey!



  1. We were pregnant at the same time, and I too don’t have too many mom friends to consult with. What I enjoyed most, believe it or not, is to be able to eat and finally gain all the weight I want, hahahaha… 🙂

  2. 🙂 sweet.

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