Critical Thinking Is Important in Homeschooling

Homeschooling doesn’t necessarily mean that you do school work at home. We are all used to conventional school system that sometimes, we tend to bring “school” to our home and call it homeschooling. But homeschooling is more than just doing the worksheets, finishing the curriculum and doing the drills. Homeschooling is shepherding our children so that they will be who God calls them to be. We also hope to cultivate a love for learning that they will carry it  until they become adults.

So how do we do it? Here is an example. If your topic for the day is all about the different flooring used in homes, it would be best to read books about the different flooring available. It could be reference books or home magazines or story books. Then discuss what kind of flooring do you use in your own home and assess whether this is the best kind of flooring for your family. Learn what is  laminate flooring and if it will be better if you use it in your house than what you are currently using. Based on the research you child has made, you can ask her opinion and ask her to make a judgement based on the facts you have gathered.

You will definitely see how from a simple thing like flooring, your child can already learn about how things work. Aside from the things she learns about flooring, she learns to become a critical thinker.

As she enhances her thinking skill, she becomes  a better learner. And that is the goal of our homeschooling.


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