Outdoor Lifestyle

When our family started, we were not an active family. My hubby was a techy-indoor type of person and I didn’t grow up knowing any sport. But for the past few years, our family has been trying to sport an active outdoor lifestyle. We started with walking ¬†around in Nuvali, playing football with the kids, bicycle ride and enjoying nature picnics. Eventually, my hubby got into biking too. We have seen the advantages of the active lifestyle, not only for one’s physical health ¬†but also the family bonding it brings.

My kids are growing up loving the outdoors. They look forward to our outdoor trips like the trips to the zoo, to the farm and to the different gardens or fields. They love riding their bikes, walking around the village together and playing sports together. We also watch football games together and try different outdoor sports too. We shop around for accessories together like outdoor tactical clothing and sports gear too. So far, it has brought many wonderful memories to our family!

I have seen the blessings that the outdoor lifestyle has brought to us. As my kids grow up, it is my hope that may we continue to join different sports activities together, enjoy the nature around us and build more memories as a family.

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