Bootie Slippers

It is one of life’s simple pleasures to keep feet happy and cozy, even if the walking is simply a trek from bed to the bathroom or reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. Dearfoams understands this human need for something warm and fuzzy to wear in the middle of winter on hardwood floors or if customers purely enjoy the delight of have their feet nestled inside of bootie slippers. Designed and manufactured in a vast array of colors, styles and materials, customers will find something to satisfy their sense of style for in-house and mail box strolls. Sliding on and off bootie slippers is simple and speedy, so customers can hop back into bed as soon as they’ve grabbed their coffee and newspaper.

Dearfoam’s bootie slippers are available with ankle styles as well as those that go above the ankle to suit each customer’s individual taste. One of the ankle models of bootie slippers is the pile ankle bootie that comes in three different designs, which are leopard print, cheetah print and basic black. With faux fur pile outside, a flannel lining and soft cushioning, these bootie slippers are delightful cozy in the winter or any time of year. Customers will love that they can simply throw their pile ankle booties in the washer when they need to be refreshed. With fair isle boots, artisan bootie slippers, plush booties, velour booties and more, customers will have no problem finding the right fit, style and level of cushioning and warmth.

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