God’s Faithfulness

So many things have happened over the past 2 months. I have mentioned that hubby had to undergo surgery to implant a stainless steel metal on his clavicle (near his shoulder area). The surgery was successful and the cast on his right arms is finally off. His wound is also healing but his arm movements are still restricted. He might need to go to a therapist so that his arms would fully function again like before.  Then the kids have finally finished school for this school year. My son is set to graduate from preschool while my daughter is going to have her final portfolio review for the school year. They are busy with summer activities now.  And my hubby’s 95 years old grandma just passed away and was just laid to rest this week.

I feel like I have been in auto-pilot mode for the past 2 months. From one happening to the other, I didn’t even know how I survived! But it is through these challenges in life, that I am made aware of God’s grace on my life. I see how God has provided for all our needs financially, emotionally and physically. Through each trial that I faced, I knew God was with me and I never felt any heaviness in my heart. In moments like these, it is God’s faithfulness which carries me through.

If you are facing tough challenges in your life right now, don’t lose hope. God’s faithfulness is more than enough to see you through.


  1. omg i just love your theme sis! anyway, i agree. never lose hope!

  2. I believe in Him. I was also in a situation wherein I lost hope and don’t know what to do. However, in this time of my life, I’ve learned to trust and lift everything up to Him. I always think that everything happens for a reason in His own time. After this realization, every problem I’ve encountered is no longer a burden to me. Now, I am seeing it as challenge that He wants me to overcome to become a better a person.
    Thank you for the inspiring post, Mommy Chris.

    • Thank you very much for leaving a note for me. It inspires me to share and write whenever I know someone out there reads my posts.

  3. When we feel hopeless, that’s when God’s faithfulness and grace is more present for us. More Blessings to you and your family, Chris!

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