The Read Along Program of Krispy Kreme and DeAF Deaf

When I was in college, I took the sign language learning module class and it opened a whole new world for me. I gained a new perspective in life and I developed deeper appreciation for the things I usually took for granted. I met amazing Deaf students who were my teachers all through out my classes. I realized that though we certainly have different life stories but I saw that we were all the same in some ways.


So when I was invited to attend Krispy Kreme’s Read Along program for Deaf chidlren last Saturday, I was really looking forward to attending the event. The Read Along program was developed by Development and Accessibility Fund for the Deaf (DeAF Deaf) and Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children, Inc. (SEADC).

The Read Along Program is one of Deaf Deaf’s immersion programs, done in partnership with Krispy Kreme’s Share the Gift of Joy campaign, set to not only spread joy, but induce change.


Put together to immerse people in the culture and language of the Deaf community, the Read Along Program will be a two-way educating session: Deaf children will be taught how to read and improve their vocabularies, while their hearing parents and peers will be shown their learning process and will be given tips on how to properly teach them.


The Deaf kids and some hearing participants will read a book together— The Flower Who Did Not Know God Was Protecting Her—written by DLS-CSB Filipino Sign Language student Happy Ruth Pamintuan.

Then it was followed by an act-the-story game to challenge the comprehension of the Deaf kids.


Liwanag Caldito from Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children, Inc. (SEADC) shared about their organization and how people can support by volunteering their time, their talents or their gifts to SEADC. Though the biggest help we hearing people can give them is to start treating the Deaf with respect and to learn how to communicate with them.


They also gave some basic sign language lessons that day to the hearing participants as well.


As a remarkable doughnut and coffee brand that continuously etches its flavors in the hearts of many, Krispy Kreme extends the value of sharing by treating everyone beyond bites and sips. By supporting these remarkable groups, it’s overwhelming to note how brands and organizations are working together to lead a life-changing project such as this. The Read Along Program will not only be an immersion experience, but will serve as a catalyst—launching people towards one noble cause as it breaks the barrier of communication for the Deaf community.


  1. I am glad that companies there have started supporting the deaf community. I used to teach high school students that are hearing impaired and how I miss my students and I have learned a lot from them. I hope that there support will be continuous and will inspire others to do the same too.

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