On Psychics

When I was younger, I was intrigued by psychics and those who say that they can see what happens in the future. I often wondered whether they were really able to sense what would happen or what has happened before in someone’s life. Psychics used their extra sensory perception or ESP to predict events that took place or will take place. Psychics eventually used their “gifts” to make a living through setting up centers where people can visit and ask for their advice. Now that the internet is among us, psychics are even more easier to reach as they have set up websites where you can inquire about love and  money using astorology or tarot cards. It is interesting to note that many seek the psychics talents to see what their future holds.

I am not a believer of psychics since I firmly believe that only God knows what our future holds or everything that has happened in our past. We don’t need to seek the unknown through the help of the psychics but trust in the all knowing and all powerful God who cares about us. Our future is secure, knowing that God is in control of our life as we yield to Him.

How about you? Do you believe in psychics?

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