Toby’s Preschool Graduation

My son has never been to a conventional school since we have chosen to homeschool him. When we began homeschooling him at 4 years old, I wasn’t very confident that I was doing a good job because he doesn’t seem to be very interested in school work. Every day, we had to begin with playing together and doing fun activities before starting to read or doing any math. He wasn’t interested in reading or writing at all.  Well, I heard an advice before to just keep doing fun activities and to keep reading together. So this is what we did, and by the end of preschool years, I am amazed that he can now read and write well and above all, I’ve seen him grow in obedience through the years.



Truly, by the grace of God, my son has passed his final assessment and is now eligible for first grade in the coming school year. He particiapted in the graduation ceremonies of The Master’s Academy last April.


The preschool years passed by so fast but I have no regrets as I look back with so many treasured memories togeter. I am so glad to have seen his progress through the years and how he is growing up, loving God and his family. I am tryly grateful that God has given our family this opportunity to grow together, serving Him and living our lives for His glory!


  1. Congratulations to Toby! And congrats to you too Chris for being his teacher… what an achievement!

  2. Congrats Chris, surely there’s a different level of dedication in homeschooling. Congrats to Toby 🙂

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