Traveling Around the World

Before I became a mother, one of my dreams has been to travel around the world. I didn’t know why but I have always been facinated with other world cultures and people from other countries. I remember joining clubs in college which has nothing to do with my majors but because of my love for other cultures, I didn’t hesistate joining. I wanted to learn other languages like Japanese, Spanish and French. When I saw an opportunity to learn the Sign Language while in college, I enrolled myself and immersed myself in the Deaf Society too.

Eventually, I understood that I don’t want just to visit another country but I want to immerse myself into their culture and life. I see meeting people from other places and areas as a way of growing and enlarging my own perception of life and how great our God is. I know that I can learn so much from others and hopefully, I will also be able to impart the love of Christ to them.

But since I had my children, I embraced my role as a mother and didn’t pursue that dream. Instead, I took on the role of motherhood knowing that God has called me to nurture and to train my children in the way He has instructed me. I have been homeschooling the kids for the past 3 years now. This has allowed us to study about the world geography and world cultures more.

We play pretend that we are in another country and discuss the coutry’s culture, dress, money, population, government and other details.  Then we research around the web, just like the london heathrow car hire – and pretend we are renting a car for hire and visiting the famous landmarks of the country. We try to listen to the different languages and speak it too. If possible, we try to eat the different cuisine too.

I am grateful to God that He has turned my passion so I can teach my kids about world geographyand the different people of the world.  Who knows? Maybe someday, my kids will be the ones who can travel around the world and share God’s love with them.

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