Travelling Light: Holiday Essentials for All the Family

It’s that time of year, when you can pick up some fantastic bargains on summer holidays for you and the brood. Whether you decide to head abroad during the May half term or you’re saving your stint for a summer jaunt, one of the key aspects of a stress-free trip is ensuring that you travel light.

The hassle of lugging hefty suitcases through airports can be a real drag, especially so when you have kids hanging off each leg and one in your arms. Keeping your luggage to a minimum will ensure that you won’t have as much to carry, as well as potentially saving several pounds if you go over your baggage allowance.

Whether you’re travelling for a couple of days or a week or more, it’s surprising how much you don’t really need. Pack the essentials for you and your family and keep the unnecessary bits at home – you’ll be surprised at how much you can shed.


While many people would love to be able to take different shoes for various activities and occasions, in reality they take up room and weight and aren’t really required. Girls and boys shoes don’t need to extend past a pair of comfortable sandals, while guys can get away with a pair of cool loafers or some cushioned trainers. Ladies may love their heels but wouldn’t look out of place in a pair of sandals that can be dressed up or down. If you’re planning on walking a fair deal, pack some canvas pumps too. You can pick up a pair of shoes cheaply from supermarket retailers. Make sure to look at ASDA George girls and Boys shoe range.


Let’s face it, if you’re travelling with the children, they’ll far more likely prefer to hang out around the pool all day or play in the sand at the beach than explore further afield, and for this, you’ll need some swimwear. Swimming trunks or shorts for the lads and a cozzie or bikini for the girls will suffice, with a wraparound sarong as a cover up. Pack a UV swimsuit for any little ones to protect their delicate skin.


During the days, when you’re not in the pool or basking on the loungers, you’ll need some casual apparel. It’s particularly important to cover up if you’re exploring places that expect you to be clothed in order to be respectful.

Choose lights or brights to stay cool. White maxi dresses or t shirts will help to reflect the sun, while pinks and azures will help you stand out. For the boys, funky graphic T’s teamed with a pair of cotton chinos will be perfect.


If you decide to dress up in the evening, you don’t need to be too OTT in most places. A simple maxi or summer dress for the girls and some cool chinos and a nice T or short-sleeve shirt for the boys will be fine unless you’re planning on fine dining at any point.


Luckily, accessories don’t take up much space and can help to make a casual outfit look smart. Pack some jewellery to add a little glitz and a pashmina to help keep the evening chill at bay. A cardigan or light sweater will be ideal for the children. Don’t forget your sunnies either!

Travel light and pack the essentials for your upcoming summer holiday. Shop for summer for less at ASDA and you can fill your suitcase with all the latest trends affordably.

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