School Year 2013-2014

Another school year has started for us. This year, my son is now in first grade while my daughter is in fourth grade. It is our 4th year to homeschool the kids.

We made minor changes in our daily schedule. We are also excited to incorporate Sonlight Core to our curriculum.

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We wanted to adapt a more Charlotte Mason approach to our homeschool. Charlotte Mason was a British educator who believed that education was about more than training for a job, passing an exam, or getting into the right college. She said education was an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life; it was about finding out who we were and how we fit into the world of human beings and into the universe God created. (Information from

We are still using most of the curriculum that we used last year such as: Apologia Young Explorer Series, My Pals Are Here, Voyages of  English, Total Language Plus, One Country One People, Binhi, Mystery of History and Bible Study Guide for All Ages. But hopefully, we would incorporate more of:

– narration

– dictation

– copywork

– nature study

– habit training

– short lessons

– living books

– field trips

We plan to enroll again with The Master’s Acaedmy(TMA) to ensure that we are partnered with a DepEd Accredited homeschool provider.

My prayer and goal is that the kids grow up in stature, in wisdom, in favor with God and man. 



  1. I really salute you for being not just a homeschooling mom, but also as a God-centered guide to life for your children. After some thought, I don’t think I’m qualified to teach and that my temper is so short when teaching. I would need loads of God’s wisdom.

    • i believe that God qualifies whom He calls. Homeschooling is definitely a calling. If you know in your heart that this is what God called you to do, He will supply the patience and wisdom that you will need.

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